MC-Index Scores of People I Have Profiled

To be honest, today I’m not feeling so high-energy so its gonna be an easy post for me. This time I will do MC-Index scores of people I have profiled thus far. I will include a short descriptor of them as this goes back two years into postings. This is no particular order:


Louis T. McFadden, Pennsylvania – Antisemitic conspiracy theorist. – 86%

Oscar De Priest, Illinois – First black Congressman in the 20th century. – 75%

Lyman Trumbull, Illinois – Co-drafter of 13th Amendment. – 38%

John McCain, Arizona – People know who he is. – 81%

Jeff Flake, Arizona – Senator, libertarian-leaning conservative, Trump critic. – 94%

H.R. Gross, Iowa – Penny-pinching Congressman, opposed eternal flame for JFK. – 90%

Barry Goldwater, Arizona – Presidential candidate, 1964, major conservative figure. – 95%

John J. Williams, Delaware – Senator, known for honesty and corruption investigations. – 95%

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Massachusetts – Senator and diplomat, GOP VP candidate in 1960. – 62%

Henry Cabot Lodge Sr., Massachusetts – Senator, fought Woodrow Wilson on Versailles Treaty. – 91%

J. Warren Keifer, Ohio – Speaker of the House, 1881-83. – 86%

Tom Coburn, Oklahoma – Representative and senator, known fiscal hawk. – 98%

Dewey Short, Missouri – Congressman, master orator, and leading foe of universal military training. – 94%

William McCulloch, Ohio – Congressman and civil rights advocate. – 87%

Thomas B. Curtis, Missouri – Congressman, economic expert, and a leading foe of Medicare. – 85%

James B. Utt, California – Orange County’s Congressman. – 97%

James G. Blaine, Maine – GOP presidential candidate, 1884. –  78%

Hiram Bingham III, Connecticut – Famous explorer who rediscovered Machu Picchu and senator. – 95%

Wes Cooley, Oregon – Congressman convicted of lying to voters. – 98%

James S. Sherman, New York – Vice President under Taft, leading House conservative. – 95%

John Sherman, Ohio – Senator, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of State. – 77%

Matthew Quay, Pennsylvania –  Senator and GOP boss of Pennsylvania. – 68%

John P. Jones, Nevada – Senator, known for advocacy of silver. – 54%

William M. Stewart, Nevada – Senator, drafted 15th Amendment. – 66%

Thruston B. Morton, Kentucky – Senator, head of the RNC. – 64%

John Sherman Cooper, Kentucky – Senator, Vietnam War dove. – 41%

Jacob Thorkelson, Montana – One-term wonder and fascist dupe. – 81%

Jeanette Rankin, Montana – First woman to serve in Congress, voted against both world wars. – 55%

Robert A. Taft, Ohio –  Leader, Senate Republican side of Conservative Coalition. – 86%

Robert Taft Jr., Ohio – Son of Robert A. Taft, far more moderate. – 61%

Bourke Hickenlooper, Iowa –  Senator, known for opposition to public power and foreign expropriation of American businesses. – 87%

Henry Hatfield, West Virginia – Senator, member of the Hatfield clan. – 84%

James W. Wadsworth, Jr., New York – Senator and representative, leading foe of women’s suffrage and prohibition amendments. – 92%

Florence Kahn, California – First Jewish woman to serve in Congress, known for her wit, support of the FBI, and advocacy of military preparedness. – 79%

Edith Rogers, Massachusetts – First woman to serve in Congress from Massachusetts, known for advocacy of veterans issues. – 72%

Joe Martin, Massachusetts – Leader of the House GOP, 1939-59, Speaker of the House, 1947-49, 1953-55. – 79%

Hamilton Fish III, New York – Representative, known for his staunch opposition to FDR’s domestic and foreign policy. – 83%

George V. Hansen, Idaho – Representative, tried to initiate his own negotiations in the Iranian Hostage Crisis, had ethics issues. – 97%

George H.W. Bush, Texas – Representative, CIA director, VP, and President. – 85%

Richard F. Pettigrew, South Dakota – First senator from South Dakota, switched parties and became pro-communist later in life. – 16%

Fred Dubios, Idaho – Served two Senate terms, one as a Republican and one as a Democrat. Known for his relentless antipathy to Mormons. – 19%

Vito Marcantonio, New York – Republican, then American Labor Party Congressman. Communist fellow-traveler. – 13%

Thomas Schall, Minnesota – Representative and senator, blind, and known for his prickly attitude to FDR. – 57%

Hiram Johnson, California – VP candidate on the Bull Moose ticket in 1912, senator, opposed entry into the UN. – 60%

Manuel Herrick, Oklahoma – Mentally ill representative who believed himself the second coming of Christ. – 40%

Ignatius Donnelly, Minnesota – Futurist, party-switcher, and crackpot. – 64%


James L. Buckley, New York – Brother of William F. Buckley Jr., only member of New York’s Conservative Party to serve in the Senate. – 92%


Victor Berger, Wisconsin – Prosecuted for sedition during wartime, verdict overturned by the Supreme Court. – 24%

Meyer London, New York – Voted against American entry into World War I. –  11%


John T. Bernard, Minnesota – Representative, secret member of the Communist Party. –  6%


James A. Haley, Florida – Imprisoned for involuntary manslaughter for negligence regarding the Hartford Circus Fire before he was elected to Congress. – 86%

Thomas P. Gore, Oklahoma – Blind senator, known for his opposition to wartime suppression of civil liberties and later the New Deal. – 33%

Robert F. Wagner, New York – Senator and New Deal brain truster, sponsor of Wagner Labor Act and Social Security. – 14%

David J. Lewis, Maryland – Representative, leading advocate of Social Security. – 15%

Maury Maverick, Texas – Representative, staunch supporter of the New Deal, coined “gobbledygook”, term “maverick” comes from his family, and only Texas Democrat to vote for an anti-lynching bill. – 9%

Richard Ichord, Missouri – Representative, the last chair of the House Un-American Activities Committee. – 69%

Mary T. Norton, New Jersey – Representative, first woman elected to Congress from the state, notable for sponsoring the Fair Labor Standards Act. – 13%

Pat McCarran, Nevada – Senator, notable for anti-communist and immigration restriction legislation. – 51%

Benjamin Wood, New York – Representative and owner of the New York Daily News, which was notoriously anti-black and sympathetic to the Confederacy. – 58%

Fernando Wood, New York – Representative and Mayor of New York City, known for his sympathies to the Confederacy and opposition to the end of slavery. – 43%

George Vest, Missouri – Senator, known for his “eulogy of the dog” speech and probably coined the phrase, “history is written by the victors”. – 10%

Carter Glass, Virginia – Representative, senator, Secretary of the Treasury, and Father of the Federal Reserve. – 37%

Herman Talmadge, Georgia – Senator, Governor of Georgia, staunch segregationist, and member of the Watergate Committee. – 66%

John J. Sparkman, Alabama –  Senator, 1952 candidate for VP. – 31%

Sam Ervin, North Carolina – Senator, headed Watergate Committee, known for folksy demeanor and attention to Constitutional issues. – 69%

Jerry J. O’Connell, Montana – Representative, Communist fellow-traveler. – 7%

James Eastland, Mississippi – Senator, leading advocate for retention of Jim Crow. –  70%

John C. Stennis, Mississippi – Senator, known for his advocacy of naval expansion. – 65%

Benjamin G. Harris, Maryland – Representative, known for his friendliness to the Confederacy. – 20%

Lloyd Bentsen, Texas – Representative, senator, and last moderate Democrat VP candidate. – 44%

John H. Reagan, Texas – Representative and senator, advocate of regulation of railroads. – 9%

John Tyler Morgan, Alabama – Senator, white supremacist, advocate for annexation of Hawaii and building an inter-oceanic canal in Central America. –  29%

Sam Stratton, New York – Representative, survived all GOP efforts to redistrict him out of a job, staunch anti-communist. – 35%

James A. Reed, Missouri – Senator, progressive, and opponent of the Versailles Treaty and Prohibition. – 18%

David I. Walsh, Massachusetts – Senator, opponent of American intervention in World War II. – 38%

Emanuel Celler, New York – Representative, leading advocate of immigration liberalization, sponsored Hart-Celler Act in 1965. – 7%

Robert Byrd, West Virginia – Representative, senator, served the longest as senator. –  29%

James M. Curley, Massachusetts – Representative, Governor of Massachusetts, Mayor of Boston, notoriously scheming and corrupt. – 25%

Adam Clayton Powell, New York – First black representative from New York, proposed Powell Amendments for school desegregation, also known for corruption and absenteeism. –  6%

Hugh De Lacy, Washington – Representative and secret communist. – 0%

Phillip Burton, California – Representative, the most powerful ultra-liberal Democrat in the House. – 2%

Harold Hughes, Iowa – Senator, overcame alcoholism and depression to have a successful political career. – 4%

William H. Meyer, Vermont – First Democrat elected to the House from Vermont since before the Civil War, a founder of the socialist Liberty Union Party where Bernie Sanders got his political start. –  6%

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