A New Beginning

After not posting since July, I realized that I have lost my passion for writing about issues of the day under the moniker “The Ranting Reactionary” and understand that it is time to move on. I have deleted all my postings under that moniker, but not before saving them on my computer. I am not, after all, an erratic and temperamental artist. I’ve enjoyed writing for a long time, but ever since writing many a paper in graduate school I’ve had many ideas but I have been lacking follow-through, perhaps because I have made the perfect the enemy of the good. I will change that this year. While I could write about political issues of the day, I honestly have to say there are more than enough people who talk a storm about it. I am neither the most bold or inflammatory of commenters, I am not particularly willing to make everything fit a narrative, and I am not interested in making grandstanding displays of self-righteousness. In all, I am simply lacking in passion about writing in an overtly partisan matter. I will be nothing more than a voice drowned among many. Therefore, I think it best to find my own voice. I have always enjoyed history and crossed into it a lot when previously writing. Because life doesn’t go as expected and to embrace the strangeness and chaos that is life, I will write about the strangeness and chaos of politics. My new blog Mad Politics: The Bizarre, Fascinating, and Unknown of American Political History I hope will prove to be simultaneously amusing and informative. I may cover contemporary strangeness as well from time to time, but most of the emphasis will be on American history and contemporary affairs will always connect to history in some way.  I have many ideas and I am excited to get started!

– Mike

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